How To Earn Diamonds In Free Fire

The Free Fire game , a Battle Royale for mobile phones, uses diamonds as internal currency, but it is very difficult to earn them. They are used to buy clothing, equipment, skills, season passes and character skins. The only way to accumulate in large amounts (officially) is to buy them, with real money. Luckily, there are things you can do to get  free diamonds legitimately.

How to earn diamonds in Free Fire

Free Fire almost does not distribute diamonds within the game, while the best items for sale use them as currency. Thus, the player is forced to open his wallet and buy them. The only legal way to earn free diamonds in Free Fire is to get credits for your virtual wallet. There are apps that offer ways to hack the game and fill your account with diamonds, but you can get your game account banned. Avoid them.

Participate in Google Play Store events

The Google Play Store usually holds events, where it distributes credits for the purchase of apps, games or in-app purchases, such as the Free Fire diamonds (Android only). To participate, keep an eye on the Play Store homepage and wait for a new promotion.

New Free Fire Updates:-

Use apps that give account credits

You can use other apps to earn credits, which will be deposited into your Google or App Store virtual wallet, to buy diamonds in Free Fire.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards ( iPhone ,  Android ) is a survey app, based on behaviour, browsing habits, frequented places, etc. He sends questions, and each answer reverts to cents, credited to your Google Wallet (Android), or to your PayPal account (USA Apple IDs only).

2. Whaff

Whaff (iPhone, Android) is similar to Google Opinion Rewards, and more suitable for iPhone users. It recommends installing other apps and games for you to try out in exchange for credits that are added to your Google wallet or the App Store.

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