How to Get EXP card in Free Fire

Hello friends, welcome to our new post. Today we are going to present you an article entitled How to get EXP card in Free Fire. We will state everything related to it and also it’s uses. We will describe every method you can use to avail the EXP card and use it for your profit. Please read this post fully without skipping. So let’s start it.

What is the EXP card in Free Fire?

Till now there are millions of players in free fire, but many of them are unaware of some items in-game. Among those items, one item lies that is known as EXP card. They are experienced card, and it is of a lot use. Basically, by the use of an EXP card, a player can level up faster than usual. It depends upon the percentage of card you have obtained. The more percentage of EXP cards, the more chances to level up in free fire.

So EXP card can be used to level up at a 2X speed or more. Hence it is helpful in leveling up for any player in the free fire. Now we will describe the way How to get EXP card in Free Fire.

How to Get an EXP card in Free Fire

  • By guild sign in

Every Tuesday, when you sign in to the guild to receive rewards, you will get an award of EXP card that is for a limited time according to your guild level. This is a free technique to get an EXP card.

  • By playing perfectly

When you play a BR rank and your performance is outstanding, then you will get EXP card. Just try to take the match best as you can. Get more kills and try for booyah. This way is totally free, and thus you can get  EXP card and level up quickly.

  • By purchasing it from the store

You can also buy EXP card from store and buy as much you can. In-store, the EXP card is available for only 100 diamonds for 7 days, which will multiply your EXP by 2, and through this way, you can collect the EXP card.

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So, friends, we described 3 different methods for How to get an EXP card in Free Fire. You can have EXP card through any of the methods and quickly boost your level. We wish you did found this post useful, please share it and stay tuned for more tips.

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