How to Increase Luck in Free Fire

The events and items that are available in the free fire for a temporary time bring you a chance to obtain them, and the chance is fully dependent on your luck. Thus we can say free fire events are all about luck. Not only events, but even it has its own luck royale section. In all these categories, there is one common thing, and that is the items that are available to be obtained.

But it’s all about your luck whether that item could be obtained for you using as much of diamonds you want or at the least diamond you could spend. Well, this can be done via some steps, and we are going to share it with you. The whole article is based on How to increase Luck in Free Fire.

We are going to dedicate all the tricks that you can apply before making spins in any event for free. So please read this post fully because the steps we are going to share are working, and even we have tried them for ourselves.

Steps for How to increase Luck in Free Fire

  • Log in to the game.
  • Clear cache from setting 10 – 15 times.
  • Come to the vault, weapons, and pets, respectively, and unequip every skin for every item you own (bags, parachute, bundle, pet, weapons, etc.)
  • Now come to characters and change your character to Adam with default bundle.
  • Now go to settings and clear the cache again 10 times.
  • Now log out the game from the setting.
  • Clear the cache of your free-fire application from the setting.
  • Now reboot your phone.
  • Relogin to the game.
  • Again go to setting and clear the cache for at least 10 times.
  • Now above that, you will see a download and upload option, click on upload 10 times.
  • Now come to the luck royale section and make the maximum spins in gold royale, diamond royale, and weapon royale, respectively, according to the vouchers you have.
  • Now done, and go to event and make spins.
  • You will observe that the grand prize will get out to you in very fewer diamonds.

These steps will perfectly work if you follow them correctly and won’t make any mistakes. Hence this was our today’s post on How to increase Luck in Free Fire.

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So, friends, we hope you may get the particular event time in fewer diamonds. And follow the steps perfectly, and stay tuned with us for more upcoming hit tricks about the free fire.

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