Minimum level to Play Training in Free Fire

Free fire, a name that had earned million hearts. Today most of the youths choose to play free fire as a game. Free fire is the primary game for most of the user. They like to spend time with this game. This game had already millions of download and still going on. Everytime a new user download it and choose to play, they create some questions regarding it or they find something that could be answered through words.

So here we are going to present Minimum level to play training in Free Fire.

Minimum level to Play Training in Free Fire

Guys, firstly we want to tell you that as soon you will join free fire, create account and appear as an individual in your lobby, the training mode will be activated since then. Means there is no minimum level to play training in Free fire. Yes it’s the fact that for the first time when you login, you can play training mode instantly.

But why do we need to bring such a post if there is no level requirements to play training mode in free fire?

Sometime beginners try to play training mode, and when they Tab mode switching icon, at first sight, it is hard for them to see the training option as it’s too small to be seen and placed very differently to that of the other modes, so we need to propose this article. And we are providing steps how to go to training with some pics.

Steps to play training mode in free fire.

  1. Log in to the game.
  2. Remove all the banners that appear on your screen after logging in.
  3. Tap on the mode-switching icon.
  4. On the right bottom side, you will see a training box without any pic; tap on it.
  5. Soon you will reach 1 step forward here, choose your weapon, attachment, and types of equipment with you and be ready.
  6. Now at the left corner of the room, there is an orange flash, just stand upon it for 3 seconds, and you will reach the training ground.
  7. Now enjoy practicing yourself.

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So friends, we have declared a post about Minimum level to play training in Free Fire. We hope you did found this post useful so share it and stay tuned for ultimate tips and tricks about free fire.

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