How to Collect Rank Tokens In Free Fire

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How to Collect Rank Tokens In Free Fire

Guys, as you know, free fire rules over the battle royale theme, and it provides an enhanced in-game algorithm that makes our gameplay interesting. Other than these all Garena also work on assets such as skins, bundles and items. They made it available for us easily in exchange for various collections such as gems (diamonds), vouchers, cubes, and tokens. Some among these are paid while some are free, and the rank token is free from starting of the game.

Therefore we will dedicate the methods to How to collect rank tokens in the free fire. Just follow the methods below.

By Increasing the RP

This method implies upon your gameplay, you have to show your best performance here, and the most number of kills and least position of elimination make up your RO thus, try to perform well in the game.

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Ranking up

This method implies only if you score in the top 5 with some number of kills. Try not to eliminate early and make it to the top 5 with at least five kills, and the rank token awarded will be the most in number.

Try to do booyah

In this method, you have to prepare the best team, and including all of them, you have to perform well and try to make it to rank one so that you can get tokens to maximum reach.

Try to promote your rank up

Here you need to attain the highest rank to your ability. Suppose you are an experienced player, then you should attain master rank so that at every rank up, you can get rank tokens. Here you will be awarded with rank tokens and some items when your rank will get up.

Try to be in the top 10 in the BR Rank

If you are a newbie and want to increase the rate of gaining rank tokens and don’t know how to perform better in matches, then you should survive on the map and have to remain alive until you are scored to the top 19 because the top 10, 5 and 3 get the most rank tokens in comparison with other ranks.

So guys, here we have stated the best of best methods about How to collect rank tokens in the free fire.


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