Best place to land in Free Fire Bermuda

Hello friends, welcome to our latest blog post. Here we will today tell you the best places in Bermuda map in the free fire to land for various essentials and purposes. We will try to differentiate it on every player’s choice. As you know, free fire is currently the best out of the best of the battle royale games. Thus, in this order, we keep uploading tips, tricks, and news related to it, so it must be with us to gain more and more. So let’s roll on to the Best place to land in Free Fire Bermuda.

Best place to land in Free Fire Bermuda

Firstly we will talk about the necessity of landing in the best places in Bermuda, which are as follows:

  • For best loots
  • For most kills
  • For camping
  • For fist fighting

So here are four different choices of players on the Best place to land in Free Fire Bermuda.

For best loots

Guys, for best loots, we will often recommend the blue zone that is made every time when the match starts; you can go to the blue zone to get every type of gun and its attachments. Apart from the blue zone, you can consider the graveyard, observatory, and bullsey for the best loots.

For most kills

So to kill most opponents, you can land on the locations like peaks, clock towers, and factories. In these places, you can get instant kills after landing, but this can be risky for you, too, because if you do not perform well, they can kill you.

For camping

For camping with weapons, you can consider the places like Capetown, Mars electric, and Shipyard. These locations have extreme in-depth postures that are superior to hiding you from enemies. So if you wanna camping, have a look at these 3 places.

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For Fist fighting

This is a primitive method to get vast weapons and types of equipment at most early by landing somewhere top on the map. You can consider the places like factory top and bimasakti top for fist fighting, and the most effective advantage of landing on the top places is that you are not visible to anyone till you expose your position. Hence for fist fighting you can look upon these places.

So guys, at a glance at the Best place to land in Free Fire Bermuda, we are listing all those places that had emerged for landing.

  • Blue zone
  • Graveyard
  • Observatory
  • Bullseye
  • Peak
  • Clock tower
  • Factory
  • Cape Town
  • Mars electric
  • Shipyard
  • Bimasakti


So guys, here we have stated the best out of the best places on the Bermuda map in Free fire. You can try to land on all those places based on your interest and necessity. Thus we are concluding here, and hope you did like our post and so stay tuned for our upcoming posts too.

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