Free Fire Purgatory Map Size in km

Welcome to our post dear friends. In this post again we will discuss about one another map that is present in our game free fire. This time we will discuss about Free Fire Purgatory map size in km. So get ready again to know about the purgatory map this time.

Guys this map that is the purgatory map, is a vast different from other maps. In this map you will get to see everything that was missing from other ones, such as mountains, plateaus, terrains and forests. It is one of the enhanced version of map that was introduced after Kalahari and thus it became the second ever introduced map in free fire. It was launched in the game in the early 2021s during some special events.

As mentioned in the above paragraph that it is an enhanced version of map and that’s the reason why it is still available for the players for BR rank mode as well as in classic Battlefield mode and classic clash squad mode. It is one the all rounder map that covers approx all audience demand. Now we are here to get Free Fire Purgatory map size in km, so let’s begin it from next paragraph.

What is the size of the Free Fire Purgatory map in km?

Firstly we want to answer the question and after we will state it via some practical explanation. The size of free fire purgatory map in kilometer is 2 kilometer. And not only purgatory but all the maps are 2km² in size as we have tested by pinning the last point of the particular map from each edges (south to north and east to west) and led to this consequence that each map in free fire is 2 X 2 Km² in size.

So guys it was a clear determination of size of purgatory map and even you can try it by yourself. Now we will term every places and location that are available on the purgatory map. Hope you would came to know about Free Fire Purgatory map size in km.

Latest Free Fire Updates:-

Status of purgatory map in Free Fire

Guys, currently you would be able to access this map in BR rank match and other than that in classic mode of both battlefield royale and clash squad rounds. So currently it is active for rank in full map hence you can download it and enjoy

List of locations in Purgatory map of free fire

  • Fields
  • Fire Brigade
  • Golf Course
  • Lumber Mill
  • Brasilia
  • Campsite
  • Central
  • Crossroads
  • Forge
  • Marbleworks
  • Moathouse
  • Mt. Villa
  • Ski Lodge
  • Quarry


So guys, here we had better explain Free Fire Purgatory map size in km. And we wish you did find it out here only and never before. We keeps uploading these type of interesting articles and topics thus stay tuned with us.

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