How to Match with Robots in Free Fire

If what you want is to know How to Match with Robots in Free Fire, you are in the right place, in this new article, we will teach you everything you need to know to match against robots and take advantage of it.

How to achieve Match with Robots in Free Fire Classic

The classic Free Fire mode is very fun for every player who wants to improve their skills without worrying about losing the points they got in qualifiers, and what they should know is that in this game mode it is usual to find too many Robots, so if you want to identify the Robots during a game, you must take into account that as soon as you get close to them they will not shoot you and they will turn to run away quickly, so if they see a character doing it, they will easily know that they are robots.

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Steps to Match with Robots in Free Fire

  • You must unequip and equip your pet

By doing this action with your pet, you will trick the system into thinking you don’t have a pet so it will match you up with players who also don’t have pets which are usually new players or even Robots so if you want to match up with them this is the best way.

  • You must play at the correct time.

Keep in mind that in the game there are certain hours in which you will probably have to face players of your same level. What we recommend is that you play on the server in the morning. If you play from 4 AM to 9 PM you have a great chance that you will enter a lobby full of Robots and win easily. I hope it has been helpful. We will meet each other in the next one.

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