Free Fire Bermuda Map Size In Km

Hello and welcome, guys, to our new post. In this article, we are going to state Free Fire Bermuda map size in km. We will state the exact measurement of the full-sized map and also tell you some points about the Bermuda map. Be with us till last to know unknown facts about the Bermuda map in the free fire. We will accordingly state Free Fire Bermuda map size in km. So let’s begin.

Guys, almost all of you must know about the Bermuda map in the free fire. It’s the oldest map and also the primary map that is provided by Garena. You will get to know about it when you download the game because none other than the Bermuda map is pre-installed in the free fire. Thus Bermuda is termed as one of the basic and most loved maps among all other maps in the free fire. So in order to state the free fire Bermuda map size in km, we would like to elaborate the Bermuda map completely so be till the last of this post.

How many kilometers is spread in the complete Bermuda map?

Guys, the distance, according to the player, after it lands in Bermuda, is 2 kilometers. From north to south, it’s 2km, and from east to west, it’s again 2km. The character needs to walk approximately 2 kilometers from one edge to another to justify the above line. You can try it at once. Thus if we talk about an overview distance of the Bermuda map, then it can be said that the Bermuda map is spreaded over two km² in the area or 2 X 2. These contain the distance from north to south and the distance from east to west.

Thus the distance of the Bermuda map is 2 kilometers square.

The Bermuda map contains the following locations that are marked over the map.

  • Factory
  • Pochinok
  • Rim Nam Village
  • Cape Town
  • Peak
  • Clock tower
  • Observatory
  • Keraton
  • Riverside
  • Nurek dam
  • Mars Electric
  • Kota Tua
  • Katulistiwa
  • Plantation
  • Mill
  • Shipyard
  • Sentosa
  • Bullseye
  • Graveyard
  • Bimashakti Strip

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So guys here was our post which stated the full-size measurement of the Bermuda map. We measured it accurately and presented it before you. Keep joining us to learn more facts and myths related to free fire.

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