Who Is Diamond King of Free Fire In India

Hello friends, and welcome to our site. Today we want to dedicate an article on who is the diamond king of free fire from India. You already know about this game, and no further info needs to be shared. As free fire is a vast platform for gamers, many of them belong from India. India is the second most populous country in the world, and the probability of free-fire players here also arises in great quantity. In our country, there are many players who own YouTube channels and spend diamonds for content. The only way to increase their viewership is either to show better gameplay or spend diamonds and review items to the audience. Many have chosen the second option, which led many players to spend diamonds that would cost thousands of dollars.

Who is claimed as Diamond king of Free Fire in India?

Diamond king of Free Fire

But do you exactly know that who had spent the most diamonds or who had done the most top-up in his/her account, or even who claims to be diamond king in India? Well, we are here to answer these questions that would simultaneously occur in your mind multiple times.

Guys, see, there might be many who usually perform top-up in their account but had not revealed before the community, but we will bring you the exact report that is still available and credited to any specific person.

Who is the person to be called as diamond king if free fire from India?

The person who is known as the diamond king in India is none other than Lokesh Gamer. He is a YouTuber and free-fire player who has built up an empire of 15 million subscribers on YouTube. He started his YouTube journey on November 16, 2017. He then went uploading gameplay videos and created audience support, and thus, he went building up his empire.

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Why Lokesh Gamer is called the Diamond king of Free Fire in India?

So guys, till here, you came to know that Lokesh Gamer is popularly known as the diamond king of free fire in India but have you ever thought why? Don’t worry, we will answer.  Lokesh Gamer is called the diamond king of free fire because he had spent more than 10 million diamonds in purchasing items, and he owns a credit for performing most top up in his free fire identity. These two factors led him to seem like a rich player, but the third statement will make you sure why Lokesh Gamer is called as Diamond king of free fire in India. The statement is that once Lokesh Gamer owed to spend more than 17 lakhs INR in just purchasing monthly badges.


So, guys, you must get to know who is the Diamond king of free fire in India and why. Thus we are concluding here, and hopefully, you did like today’s post and eagerly waiting for the next one. Soon we will publish our next posts. Till then, keep sharing our posts with your friends, and stay tuned for every update and news about the free fire.

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