How To Find Level 4 Mushroom In Free Fire

If you are not able to find level 4 mushrooms and are searching for how to find level 4 mushroom in free fire then you are at the right place. In this article I am going to show you how to find level 4 mushrooms in free fire. Read this article till the end for knowing about the places where level 4 mushrooms are present.

Garen free fire which is developed by 111dots company is one of the best survival and third person shooter games. This game has crossed more than 1 billion downloads on google play store and won the award of best esports game.

The reason for getting so much popularity was its amazing features and in-game items. Free fire keeps updating its game by launching various events and in-game items. In every festival free fire brings various events which increases its user base and time spent by its users.

The game model of free fire is simple: 50 players land on an island and collect weapons to kill their opponents and medicine to increase their health. If you want to win this match then you have to stay in the game till the end of the game. There are various items available to heal like medkit, first aid kits, drinks and mushrooms.

You can easily gather the mushrooms that are present everywhere if you weren’t able to gather enough healing supplies. But the mushroom has levels, and the higher the level, the better the mushroom will be at restoring someone’s health. Level 4 is the highest level of mushroom. In this article we will discuss places where you will find level 4 mushrooms.

What are mushrooms in free fire?

One of the uncommon items you might find in Garena Free Fire is a mushroom. Mushrooms can be used to replenish your HP and EP if you run out of healing supplies in your inventory. The Level 4 Mushroom has the strongest effects out of all the mushrooms that are dispersed over the battlefield.

Although there are several mushrooms to be found throughout the game, level 4 mushrooms are hard to find. Only a small number of locations have level 4 mushrooms because they are the only ones with the ability to quickly restore players health.

Now you might be thinking why these mushrooms are so rare or why free fire does not provide these mushrooms at every spot just like other mushrooms. Level 4 mushrooms are rare because of their ability to restore someone’s health quickly. When you get damage through gun fire, grenades or electric zones at that time you can use level 4 mushrooms to heal your health.

Level 4 mushrooms has the capability of resotoring EP upto 200. Then this EP can be converted into HP within seconds. Because of this ability free fire has placed these mushrooms at specific places. Spotting these mushrooms is simple, these mushrooms look like 2 big red colored mushrooms. You can easily spot these mushrooms from a far distance.

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How to find level 4 mushroom in free fire?

The best map to find level 4 mushrooms easily is bermuda. Bermuda is the free fire’s first map which was added in this game.there are various places in this map were you will easily find level 4 mushrooms. Before looking at the places I would like to give you some tips while collecting mushrooms.

Many pro players play free fire matches on the bermuda map. There are lower chances that you will get level 4 mushrooms on the spots which I will mention below. Because you are not the only person who knows about this spot, another player might grab the mushroom before you arrive or else you will see the mushroom but there might be a trap by other players to kill you. That is why before getting mushroom you should check the surroundings carefully.

Following are the places were you will find level 4 mushrooms:

1. Bullseye

The first place where you will find level 4 mushroom in free fire is Bullseye. Bullseye is the best and kind of safest place to get mushrooms. When you will start the game and if the plane root is going through Bullseye then you should land on Bullseye. Because you will not only get the mushroom but you will also get good loot like guns, grenades, consumables and more. Bullseye is now known as waterfront. You will find the mushroom on the grass near fenche.

2. Pochinok

The second location in our list where you will find level 4 mushroom in free fire is Pochinok. Pochinok is the hot spot of bermuda map. In this place you will find level 4 mushroom and amazing loot. But the con of this place is that here many players lands as this is the hot spot of the map. That is why before looting mushroom you should have good loot for defense.

3. Peak

The third place in our list is Peak. Peak is also the best place for finding the best loot as well as level 4 mushroom. Around the largest building there, you can discover Level 4 mushrooms. You have to take a life-threatening risk to earn this because the peak is one of Bermuda’s hotspot sites and is situated in the middle of the map.

4. Clock tower

The last place in our list to find level 4 mushroom is the clock tower. Clock tower is one of the most known places in free fire. This place has good loot of guns, medicines and defense. But this place is one of the crowdest places because before you try to loot mushroom you should make a cover in the surrounding of mushroom through the gloo wall.


In this article I have revealed the top 4 places in the bermuda map where you will definitely find the level 4 mushroom which is one of the rarest mushroom in free fire. But before looting this mushroom you should examine the surroundings as it might be a tap by other players to kill you. The locations that I included in this article are not the only locations where you may get these mushrooms; however, these locations are the most popular locations to obtain them.

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