How Many Ziplines Are There In Bermuda Map Free Fire?

If you don’t know How many ziplines are there in Bermuda map free fire, then read this article till the end. In this article, I am going to show you what is the zipline in free fire and how many ziplines are there on the Bermuda map.

Garena free fire is one of the best and most popular third-party shooter games. This game is globally famous and has more than 1 billion downloads. Recently Garena free fire declared that its daily active users are more than 100 million.

This amazing game is offered by Garena international and it is developed by 111Dots Studio. This game has amazing items such as outfits, bundles, skins, and many more. Some of these items are free and some are paid. This game also has its own in-game currency known as diamonds.

When 111 dots studio developed this game they launched this game with only one map which is now known as the Bermuda map. Bermuda is the first map that was used to play matches in the free fire. The Bermuda map is the most played map of Garena free fire. Daily millions of users play free fire on this map.

What is Zipline in Free Fire?

As we all know zipline is an English word that describes hanging gliding. Ziplining is an activity in which a person travels from one point of the zip line to another by sliding on a stainless steel cable. The seats or belts are attached to a cable through which a person travels.

Just like this, In the free fire, there are many zip lines that help players to travel from one location to another. Many players use these zip lines as zip lines are one of the fastest and safest modes for traveling from one location to another.

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How many ziplines are there in the Bermuda map Free Fire?

In the free fire Bermuda map, there is a total of 11 ziplines. The places where you will find these ziplines are mentioned below.

1. Zipline – Peak To Keraton

2. Zipline – Capetown To Sentosa

3. Zipline – Sentosa To Kotatua

4. Zipline – Kotatua To Sentosa

5. Zipline – Sentosa To Mars Electric

6. Zipline – Pochinok To Peak

7. Zipline – Peak To ClockTower

8. Zipline – Mill To Peak

9. Zipline – Peak To Bimasakti

10. Zipline – Peak To Kotatua

11. Zipline – Peak To riverside


In this article, we had discussed what ziplines are and how many ziplines are there in Bermuda map free fire. Ziplines are one of the best ways for traveling from one place to another. If you are trapped in a solo vs squad then you should use a zipline for traveling from one place to another.

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