How To Get Wukong In Free Fire For Free 2022

Free fire today itself is a huge name. It is most valued brand. It is battle royale game since it had been created. It gives enhanced and advanced features to its user. The game contains limitless assets and items. But the most basic item in this game is a character because it is needed basically to play the game as you direct it.

There is no doubt that free fire offers a free character that is provided to the beginners, but another to it there are so many characters in free fire that has their particular superpower that does not have in free characters and so everybody wants to have a character with power. Hence among those characters we have picked up ‘wukong’ and in this article we will tell you how to get Wukong in Free fire for free 2022.

Guys, after the OB34 update in free fire game, now the characters can be obtained for free by completing some missions using the character which you want to unlock. This system of unlocking the character is known as Link system.

Steps to get Wukong in Free fire for free 2022

  • Open free fire max application and from main menu interface tap on character
  • Secondly, you will see a link option on upper right side
  • Click on it and then you will see a hollow character outlined and a plus icon implemented on it
  • Click on the plus icon and select wukong character
  • After that you will see 2 ways to obtain the character
    • First is that you have to play matches and obtain tokens and it is limited to 1500 tokens per day
    • Secondly you will get an option to buy tokens via gold and limit is 500 tokens per day.

In this case, you have to collect total 13,500 tokens to unlock the Wukong character. It’s so easy, only you have to play matches using temporary Wukong and buy the tokens with gold.

  • The last step is that after collecting 13,500 tokens, claim the Wukong character for free.

Thus this was the only free method about how to get Wukong in Free fire for free 2022.

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So friends, in this post we dedicated the very primitive method to obtain Wukong character in free fire for free. The link system is newly introduced system and by this system, you can unlock any character by collecting tokens. Wish you were able to easily understand the steps and follow it correctly so you may start using Wukong permanently. Thus we are concluding How to get Wukong in Free fire for free 2022.

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