How To Get Magic Cube in Free Fire in One Spin

Hello friends, and welcome to our cool new post. We will today here dedicate a tip or trick so users may be able to get a rare item in a single spin. This item is no other than a magic cube, and you already know what its value is in our Indian server. Thus we will today dedicate you to How to get Magic cube in Free Fire in one spin. So guys, we recently published our three articles where we shared five different ways of getting a magic cube with recommended and proven methods. This post will also be going to be similar, but this time we will share a unique tip about How to get Magic cube in Free Fire in one spin.

How to get a magic cube in Free Fire in one spin

Let’s roll on How to get a magic cube in Free Fire in one spin 2023.

Guys, if we talk about spinning, then there is only one way to get a magic cube in spin, and that is via diamond royale, which is usually permanent in our game. It falls under the luck royale section this it totally depends on your luck whether you get the magic cube in 1 spin or 100 spins, but today we will share a trick by which you can get it with a single spin.

So let’s go.

We will share steps about How to get a magic cube in Free Fire in one spin

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the characters section.
  3. Equip a character that you don’t use ever.
  4. Now go to the pet section and rest up your equipped pet.
  5. Now visit your weapons section and disable the weapon you had turned on for showing in the lobby.
  6. Now mostly done, but now go to setting and tap on clear cache 10 to 12 times.
  7. From the same settings panel, click on log out game and go out or log out of your account.
  8. Now again, login by your particular platform.
  9. Now come to the luck royale section and don’t spin now in diamond royale; instead, go to gold royale and make a single spin with a voucher or using coins. After that, make 10 spins in the same royale.
  10. Now everything is ready; we have optimized your portion of luck in the game.
  11. Now go to the diamond royale section and make a single spin with a voucher, or you may use specified diamonds and cheers! You would have got out a magic cube successfully.

We have tried this method for a long time and got what we expected. Please follow the same procedure, don’t make any mistakes, and you can get a magic cube under two spins.

Note – We do not assure a 100% guaranteed tip, so if you are unable to take out the cube, please try once more from starting, or you can use our different methods of taking out a magic cube.

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So guys, today we have shared 1 spin trick to get out a magic cube, and it will cost you nothing. If you follow these tricks, your luck algorithm of the game will get optimized, increasing the chances of providing a magic cube in a single spin. So we are concluding here hoping the article will be satisfying to you. Please support us by sharing our posts, and please be with us for every news, update, and trick of free fire.

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