Free Fire Kalahari Map Size in Km

Hello friends, welcome to our new post. Today we will discuss about the 1st post-launched map in Garena free fire – the Kalahari map and will try to know Free Fire Kalahari map size in km. Guys, basically, you know that the first ever map in the free fire was bermuda which was present on the point after you installed the game. Thus bermuda can be said to be the primary map but do know that the Kalahari map was the first map that was introduced into the game by an update.

Thus in this post, we will let you know everything about the Kalahari map in free fire and most probably Free Fire Kalahari map size in km. So let’s roll over it.

Guys, Kalahari is a very unique map in the free fire where you get the first ever red climate. This is because the Kalahari map is based or themed upon a desert that is inspired by a real Kalahari desert. The map has various locations like bermuda, where players can land, loot and kill opponents.

What is the exact size of the Kalahari map in kilometers?

Guys, when the character land on the Kalahari map and when you control it to move through the edge of the northmost direction to the edge of the southmost direction or from the eastern edge to the western edge, after pointing upon respective ends, you will find that the character will have to move 2 kilometers between the edges.

And so on. The size of the Kalahari map in kilometers is 2 kilometers X 2 kilometers which means the Kalahari map is 2 km² in terms of size in kilometers.

Latest Free Fire Updates:-

Status of Kalahari map in free fire

Friends, though this map is one of the oldest maps, it did not gain that much popularity and response from players, and as a result, it was removed from the ranked matches of battlefield royale. Firstly it ruled approx more than a year in BR rank mode, but later on, it was removed by the authorities and developers, and currently, we can access this map only in classic Battlefield mode and only after 6 pm every day.

Apart from BR rank, the CS mode yet sometimes delivers the Kalahari map to play upon it. Thus in CS and CS rank matches, you can easily access the Kalahari map and play upon it.

Now we will name all those places or locations that are available on the Kalahari map.

  • Old Hampton
  • Shrines
  • Foundation
  • Bayfront
  • Refinery
  • Command post
  • The sub
  • Santa Catarina
  • The maze
  • Mammoth
  • Stone ridge
  • Council hall
  • Shrines
  • Confinement


So guys, here we had discussed about Free Fire Kalahari map size in km. And we had stated the exact size of one of the maps, i.e., the Kalahari map, in our game free fire. We hope you did know it for the first time from our site. If yes, must share this post with your friends and be with us for these types of interesting updates and news about the free fire.

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