How to Get the Booyah Emote in Free Fire

Hello everyone! Are you looking for How to Get the Booyah Emote in Free Fire? Very good, today you will know the steps to follow to get it, if there is something you must do, it is to hurry, because this emote is very good.

What are emotes in Free Fire and what are they for?

If there is something very important for the players, it is basically being able to express their emotions through an emote, there are many that are paid, and many others that can be obtained in events, or as prizes.

Emotes are used to express what the player is feeling, to taunt an enemy, and the like, as well as to express through dance the joy that a specific match has produced.

Let’s talk a little about the Booyah Emote in Free Fire

This emote made an appearance at Free Fire, last year, exactly on January 29, 2021, it is called Captain B, and its cost may be a bit high for many (500 diamonds).

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How to get the Emote?

Well, as we mentioned before, this emote that has a lot of exclusivity can only be purchased, there is no way to get it for free, since it is quite exclusive.

It is possible that it can be found in the store later for a higher price, so we recommend that if it is within your means, you buy your emote for the current price.

These emotes may disappear at any moment, so waiting shouldn’t be a good option for you.

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