How to Get Free Gold Royale voucher in Free Fire

Hello friends, we welcome you to our site over a new post. We will discuss about how to get free gold royale voucher in free fire today. We know there are numerous players that are underage or kids. Some are grown up but most of these three categories do not spend money over game. They do not perform top-ups or buy passes. In fact, many players do not have their 10₹ airdrop. They all simply play games and enjoy themselves.

These categories either don’t have money or don’t want to waste over useless items according to them. They are happy with in-game free items. One among the item is a gold royale voucher that is effective once every 40 – 60 days in getting a permanent bundle for the players. Yes, similar to diamond royale, the most basic luck royale is gold royale, where users need only a voucher to make a spin, but that also is very limited or hard to get. Many of the players do not care where to collect those vouchers, and they miss them.

So in this post we will share the methods and tips by which you can get gold royale voucher for free or alternatively How to get free gold royale voucher in the free fire.

How to Get Free Gold Royale voucher in Free Fire

  • By completing daily missions

Yes, in your main interface of the game, there is an icon of the task where you have to complete a random mission daily to get a free gold royale voucher.

  • By entering the hideout event

This event is for every player, and what you have to do, is just go to event sections>news and at last see a hideout event option, click on it, and you are awarded with various prizes daily, and a gold royale voucher is also included in that.

  • Guild daily sign in

If you have joined any guild, you just need to log in to the game on Thursday to get a gold royale voucher for free it’s according to your guild level.

  • In an exchange with a Dog tag count

The dog tag count is a token that is awarded to players according to the glory made alone every Friday, and on Saturday, you can claim the gold royale voucher in exchange for it.

  • Via events

Garena Introduces some events almost every month, and that remains for a long number of days. By performing missions, you can get the voucher by completing it and claiming.

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So guys, must follow these 5 steps because these are the only 5 steps and the way of collecting gold royale vouchers for free. Thus we have published an article for How to get free gold royale voucher in the free fire. I hope you knew something new and that this post was informative to you. Please be with us for all upcoming news and updates.

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