How to Get 29 rs Special Airdrop in Free Fire

Hello friends and welcome to our today’s post. Today we are going to introduce a trick from which you can get 29₹ special airdrop again and again. It’s our work to bring you the best out of rest tips of free fire, so be till the last of this post to know how to get 29 rs special airdrop in the free fire.

The free fire had become the most responsive battle royale game ever. It features a lot of items, including in-game purchases. There are a lot of things that you can purchase from the game and collect for your I’d. Those who are mature, they, of course, make money and spend on the game. But what about minors and those who are unemployed?

For those, free fire has introduced not a free but costless item that is popularly known as an airdrop in the free fire. Free fire offers various types of airdrop that consists of different prizes and diamond amounts. It’s based on your diamond collection and spent. Thus usually, people like to purchase 10 and 29 INR airdrops. The ₹10 airdrops are found only once in the entire span of the single I’d, whereas ₹29 airdrops can be found as many times, so we are going to share such a tip that you can get ₹29 airdrops again and again.

Thus, let’s begin with how to get 29 rs special airdrop in the free fire.

How to Get 29 rs Special Airdrop in Free Fire

Follow the steps given below accurately.


  1. Login to free fire.
  2. Unequip every gun skin and vehicle skin.
  3. Unequip all the items such as bags, skyboard, parachute and loot box making all items default.
  4. Rest the pet you had equipped.
  5. Change character to primis or the one you don’t use often.
  6. Now go to settings and clear the cache at least ten times.
  7. Now log out of the game from the setting and re-login.
  8. Okay, if you don’t have any diamonds or a few diamonds, then choose to start the BR rank mode and try to kill at least 10 enemies.
  9. After returning, place a CS rank match and try to do booyah.
  10. After the CS match finishes with booyah, you will see a 29₹ airdrop immediately on your screen.
  11. You can now purchase by direct UPI transfer or by using redeem code from Google Play.

So this way, you can get ₹29 airdrop multiple times but only at an interval of 1 week. This means you can get ₹29 airdrops four times a month. And here is the first method about how to get 29 rs special airdrop in the free fire.

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When you have some diamonds, such as more than 100, then if the above steps do not work, then try to do the steps listed below about how to get 29 rs special airdrop in the free fire.

  1. Log out of your I’d from the free fire app.
  2. Leave it for 5 to 6 days, which means you don’t have to play free fire for six days.
  3. Login on the 7th day of logout.
  4. Clear the cache from the setting of Free fire.
  5. Now play a CS rank and do booyah!
  6. Come back, and again a 29₹ airdrop will be waiting for you.

So, guys, these two methods were observed methods by our team. 80% of the attempt got successful, and we finally got ₹29 airdrops multiple times. You can also try to get the airdrop as soon as possible.


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