How Many Times We can buy Special Airdrop in Free Fire

Hello, and welcome to this post. We hope you are doing well and enjoying the free fire very nicely. We know most of you here are minors, or you can not afford diamonds in free fire because they are too costly. They are as costly as 1₹ for each. According it is a little costly.

But there is one fact that everyone will agree on. “Everyone will buy an special airdrop at special price that is 10, 29 or 95 INR. These three airdrops are affordable airdrop for anyone, and most of you must have done any airdrop in your span ever. So there are many people who are purchasing their first airdrop ever. They usually don’t know to make the purchase, and they actually don’t know the limit of buying airdrops. Thus in this post we will tell you how many times we can buy special airdrop in free fire.

How Many Times We can buy Special Airdrop in Free Fire

If you buy the special airdrop, you have to pay the particular amount of INR 10, 29, or 30 and even if you choose to have the higher one. After you have collected that money either in your Google Play balance or in your UPI, the post you have to tap on the airdrop & click on purchase and choose your payment method to pay, and your airdrop is finally purchased.

Now many of you are thinking of some questions after purchasing the airdrop, such as “how many times can we buy a special airdrop in the free fire?”; “Will this airdrop repeat or not?”

For these types of questions, you can have an answer that “you can purchase one airdrop one time, but at every interval of time (1 day, 3 days,s or 6 days), another airdrop will appear to your account having other items.

Thus a solid answer to the question of how many times we can buy a special airdrop in free fire is unlimited. You can have many airdrops every month. You keep playing, and the better you perform, the more airdrops you will have.

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So friends, here we state an answer to justify the question, how many times can we buy special airdrop in free fire? This was the most asked question, and we hope you did understand the exact answer to this question. I hope you did find this post useful. Please stay tuned with us for every update and news about the free fire.

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