How to Get 300 Diamonds Airdrop in Free Fire

Diamonds in the free fire for a no top-up player or for any minor who does not make money is approximately equal to touching the moon. They extremely want to gain diamonds but can’t pay for them. At most of their ability, they can only reach a level where they could only buy an airdrop of up to 300 diamonds only. The 300 diamonds airdrop is their happiness that costs 30 – 95 INR.

So in this post, we are presenting a post related to the 300 diamonds airdrop, which is on How to get 300 diamonds airdrop in Free Fire. Basically, in 30₹ – 90₹ airdrop user gets an amount of a maximum of 300 diamonds and some crates or items. So this airdrop may also be called a 300 diamonds airdrop. Everybody in free fire wants to have 300 diamonds airdrop whether he is rich or poor, noob or pro.

So we will share a tip with you all about How to get 300 diamonds airdrop in Free Fire. Let’s start without wasting time.

How to Get 300 Diamonds Airdrop in Free Fire

For getting a 300 diamonds airdrop, you need to do some steps, but before that, you have to remember some points.

  • The last airdrop purchased or top-up made should be done at least one week to 10 days before.
  • You must have less than 500 diamonds in the game.
  • You have to remain inactive for 3 – 5 days in the free fire for a 100% chance of getting the airdrop.

Now let’s state the steps on How to get 300 diamonds airdrop in Free Fire.

  • Log in to the game.
  • Unequip every item (gun skin, fashion set, skyboard, parachute, backpack, loot box, etc.)
  • You don’t need to change character; thus, let it remain as usual.
  • Now clear the cache from the setting.
  • Now log out from the game.
  • Re-login the game.
  • Select BR rank mode and call your friends to start as a squad.
  • You can have random players, too, but you have to play a squad match of BR rank mode.
  • Try to kill more and more enemies and try to do booyah!
  • After a successful booyah, when you return to the lobby, you will see a 300 diamonds airdrop on your screen.
  • Repeat this trick every 10th day to get a new 300 diamonds special airdrop.

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So, guys, you can follow the steps above to get accurate results, as we, too, have gotten a better response by doing such tips. You must follow it once and try to do the steps as directed. So we are concluding this post, and we hope you did like this article. Please share this with your friends and be with us for every upcoming update of free fire.

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