Who has the highest level of Free Fire From Indian server?

Hello friends, welcome to our new post. In this post, we are going to describe the player who holds a record for being the topmost player in terms of the highest level and facing the Indian server in this context. Thus, we thought to present an article that will list who has the highest level of free fire in India. So we are going to do the same. Thus, we request you to read this post till last to know their UID and information.

Who has the highest level of free fire from the Indian server?

Achieving the highest level and then getting it proved globally is a huge achievement in itself. Currently, in free fire, there is one case in which a player had reached his peak level ever and had introduced himself as the highest level player in the free fire community.

He is currently at level 100, and he is known popularly as ICE COLD FF. Yes, friends, the person who has the highest level not only in India but in the world is ICE COLD FF from India. You can inspect him by his UID to confirm that he is at level 100.

The UID of the highest-level player in free fire from India is 646279026.

But you might be thinking about how was it possible for him to attain such a record. Well, our sources had found that he used to play free fire for over 12 hours per day, and as a result, he had achieved such an amazing breakthrough. We are proud of him as he is from India.

He also owns a YouTube channel that is ICE COLD FF. You can check out and support him.

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