How to call airdrop in Free Fire [blue box]

Want extra weapons, vests and helmets? See how to call airdrop in Free Fire.

Free Fire is a third-person Battle Royale action game for Android and iOS. In the game, up to 50 players parachute onto an island and need to equip themselves quickly to eliminate other competitors and try to be the only one alive and victorious. The game offers some alternatives to get items faster, such as blue boxes. Want to know how to get them? Then see how to call airdrop in Free Fire.

How to call airdrop in Free Fire

The airdrop, the coveted box that contains some extra items like vests, weapons, helmets and other equipment, starts charging as soon as the match starts. It is necessary to wait a few moments for the function to become active and you can use it.

  1. During the match, notice the airdrop loader in the left corner of the game screen. The resource is represented by a flag icon;
  2. Once it is enabled, tap on the flag icon and indicate the place where the box will fall;
  3. Be careful to stay close, but not too close to the crash site. If it lands on your head, the box can eliminate you;
  4. When someone calls for an airdrop (you or any other player), the place where the box will land is marked on everyone’s map. Knowing this, other players will also be able to go to the location to try to steal the items from the one who called for the shipment.

Needless to say, the airdrop landing area will be highly targeted by other competitors. If you have called the service, double your attention and try not to go straight to the box as soon as you fall, as you will possibly become an easy target.

airdrop in Free Fire

The tip is to call the airdrop in more remote locations on the map, where the possibility of having more players nearby is lower.

It is also worth paying attention when activating the function with the map already reduced. Very likely there will be a small war aside for the items.

New Free Fire Updates:-

You can also take the opportunity to create a “trap”, position yourself better and eliminate loot-hungry opponents.

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