What is the bonfire for in Free Fire?

Find out what it is and what the bonfire is for in Free Fire, one of the essential items to perform well in Battle Royale

The  bonfire in Free Fire , one of the special items (such as the airdrop and the Treasure Map), serves to save the player and/or team from a predicament, when they are low on health and energy. See what the bonfire is for in Free Fire and know how to use it.

What is the bonfire for in Free Fire?

The bonfire is a Free Fire merchandise , a special item in the same category as the Treasure Map (which marks the resupply point on the map) and the Airdrop (blue box). It works like a medical kit, restoring the health and energy of the player and their team members (if playing in Duo or Squad ), as long as they are close to the item, when someone uses it somewhere on the map of the game. match.

The bonfire, like other goods, can be earned as a reward in matches or purchased with diamonds, Free Fire’s premium currency. To use it in a match, you must first select it in the lobby before:

  1. With Free Fire open, tap the “Goods” icon;
  2. Select the Bonfire and close the window;
  3. Start a match in your preferred game mode;
  4. After landing on the map, choose a location preferably free of enemies;
  5. Select the bonfire in your inventory and light it;
  6. By staying close to your bonfire, you will recover HP (life) and EP (energy).

And ready.

New Free Fire Updates:-

The most recommended thing to do is keep the bonfire in your inventory until the moment you really need it, for example with very low HP and EP.

Keep in mind that riding it in the open is very risky, as you will be exposed to attacks while healing. Look for locations away from confrontations and minimally protected, so you can heal yourself and your team safely.

As with all merchandise, you can only carry one of the types per item and only one unit. Therefore, you will only be able to use the bonfire once per turn.

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