6 Tips for Playing Free Fire

Want to do well in this Battle Royale? So check out some tips for playing Free Fire, from map, inventory, vehicles, etc.

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale-style mobile shooter, that is, all against all. Available for Android and iOS (iPhone), Free Fire puts up to 50 players on an island and they need to quickly find weapons and equipment to try to survive and eliminate other players. As with any game of the genre, the winner is the last player still alive. See tips for Free Fire and survive in the game.

Tips for playing Free Fire

In this guide, you will topics covering:

  1. Choose where to land on the map;
  2. Use of vehicles for solo or team players;
  3. Intelligent use of weapons and armor;
  4. Inventory optimization;
  5. Movement is one of the key points;
  6. Take a look at the minimap.

1. Choose well where you will land on Free Fire

One of the most important things to pay attention to, as soon as you start a match in any Battle Royale, is the moment of insertion. In summary: defining where you are going to land is fundamental to setting up your strategy.

Always remember that you, like the other 49 players, jumped out of a plane and have a common goal: to find the most favorable place to equip yourself as quickly as possible.

Knowing this, one option is to drop into a city to get equipment right away, but at the risk of already clashing with whoever arrived first (and is better equipped). Even because most try to go, precisely, where the loot is greater.

Another strategy is to try to land in a more distant place. The loot found in this area may be less, but at least you’ll probably have a little more time to breathe and sneak up on opponents.

If you land close to the edge of the map, try to memorize the locations where vehicles are available, in case you need to quickly cross to the other side of the island.

A tip to gain an advantage on the Free Fire map early on is: when you are close to the ground, the game will ask if you want to open your parachute sooner. Do not do it. For the best advantage, get to the ground as quickly as possible.

2. Is it worth the risk to get a vehicle?

Cars and other vehicles are always fun to use and help you explore regions on the map faster, solo or with your team. The problem is that you will become a much easier target to find.

In the same way that vehicles give you more mobility as an advantage, they also limit your ability to act fast and counter an enemy. Any transport you drive can be heard from a distance, so it’s good to expect to be the most targeted person for an ambush, for example.

Using cars in a group can be interesting, as the other players on your team can react much faster than the driver and still shoot while in the car.

Garena free fire trick

3. How to better combine weapons and Armor in Free Fire

There is no such thing as a perfect weapon combination. It depends a lot on the gameplay style of each one. In general, if you are the type that prefers a more direct approach, to try to solve things soon, invest in weapons for short and/or medium distances, such as shotguns and pistols, for example.

Being close to the target, a shotgun is devastating. If you’re more of a stealthy style and prefer to shoot down your targets from a safer distance, perhaps sniper rifles and machine guns are great options.

If you are playing as a team, a good strategy is to define what each one is going to do and share weapons, according to the approach that each one of the team will use.

About armor, get something to protect yourself and fast! Always check any piece of armor by the places, especially if you haven’t found items at level 3 yet. Having good protection is often the difference between winning or losing.

It is worth remembering that armor is damaged over time. But since you don’t know when you’ll find decent gear again, just change your armor when it reaches about 10-15% durability.

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4. Make good use of your inventory space

It may seem strange to talk about it, but it is important. In a Battle Royale like Free Fire, where there is a shortage of equipment and several players fighting for each nail in the ground, it is even normal to want to pick up and keep anything, thinking it will be useful.

Over time, and as you play more games, you will start counting the number of shots you take with your weapons and, consequently, calculate the amount of ammo you need to have for that weapon. This is just an example.

Unlike armor and some weapons, it is possible to find ammo quite easily (in bodies, buildings and in loot boxes at the beginning of the game). So, manage your bag of items and prioritize things. You can collect whatever you want, but never run out of a safe supply of ammo and healing kits.

Free fire tips

5. Always be on the move

You are on a battlefield and your only option to survive is to eliminate your opponent. And that is the main objective of all other players. Therefore, staying too long in one place is the worst strategy.

There will always be someone hunting you, so get to a place, collect whatever you can find useful, kill your opponents and keep moving. Ever. In combat, constantly changing your position will disorient your opponent and, who knows, even mislead them (which can be to your advantage).

6. The minimap is your best friend in Free Fire

Playing solo or as a team, your mini map is your main weapon. Whenever enemies start shooting near you, you will be able to see the shooting location on the mini map marked in red and with an arrow indicating the direction of the confrontation. This will give you the chance to surprise your opponent or even run away.

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