How Many Players Play Free Fire In India 2022

If you are a free fire player then you might be thinking about how many players play free fire in India 2022. As we all know that free fire is the best battle royal game available globally and the craze of this game is at next level. In this article we will discuss how many players play free fire in India 2022.

Garena free fire is one of the best survival and battle royal games. This game has more than 1 billion downloads and millions of daily active users. Garena free fire was launched in the year 2017 with an aim of providing the best HD battle royal game to high end as well as low end devices.

Garena free fire has won various awards for being the best battle royal game. Because of the amazing and interesting features of this game, garena free fire has reached billions of downloads in a very short span of time.

In the market there are various battle royal games available. The thing which makes garena free fire a unique battle royal game from others is its features. Garena keeps updating its game and brings new and interesting features. Just like other games this game also has an ingame currency known as diamonds. Diamonds are used for purchasing premium items such as bundles, gun skins, characters, and many more.

In this article, I will show you how many players play free fire in India in a single month. From november 2019 to april 2022 we will see every month’s data of daily active users. If you want to know about the total number of players who play garena free fire in india then read this article till the end.

How many players play free fire in India 2022?

Following are the details of how many players play free fire in India 2022.

From April 2022 to July 2021

Months Players per monthPlayers per day
April 2022311.250.35541.500.047
March 2022312.015.50941.602.068
February 2022315.600.06442.080.009
January 2022316.901.44742.253.526
december 2021325.301.14643.373.486
november 2021331.011.47944.134.864
october 2021335.011.47944.668.197
september 2021339.069.97145.209.329
august 2021345.011.12646.001.483
july 2021349.011.45641.695.521

From June 2021 to September 2020

MonthPlayers per monthPlayer per day
June 2021351.411.45145.602.778
May 2021354.144.85049.014.475
april 2021356.601.77046.501.477
March 2021349.011.43943.055.014
February 2021346.571.80334.657.180
January 2021333.537.38444.471.651
december 2020323.477.58332.347.758
november 2020320.274.52142.703.269
october 2020318.978.59342.530.479
september 2020300.460.42040.061.389

From August 2020 to November 2019

MonthPlayers per monthPlayers per day
august 2020303.463.77340.461.836
july 2020312.849.25052.141.542
June 2020315.875.00042.116.667
May 2020332.500.00044.333.333
april 2020315.875.00031.587.500
March 2020300.081.25040.010.833
February 2020303.366.35030.336.635
January 2020279.375.64437.250.086
december 2019265.406.86226.540.686
november 2019262.864.54326.286.454

According to the data shown in the above table, The highest number of most players playing free fire was May 2021. In May 2021 more than 350 million players were active in this month and more than 49 million daily active users active.

If we talk about the average then it is a bit lower because the daily active players is just 41 million users and monthly active users are 311 million users per month. So if we talk about how many players play free fire in India 2022 then the number is 311 million users per month.

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In this article we discussed how many players will play free fire in India 2022. We had provided the whole data ranging from november 2019 to April 2022. This is not the most accurate data but it is just an estimate according to garena. You can see that millions of players from all over India play garena free fire in a single day. Share this post with your free fire buddies.

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