What is guild in Free Fire?

Find out what a guild is in Free Fire, what it’s for, how to join or create one and what are the advantages of playing in a group.

In any online game, being part of a guild is interesting for those who like to play with their friends and to facilitate the organization of group matches. In Free Fire it is also possible to receive exclusive rewards, available only in this mode. Learn more about what a guild is in Free Fire, how to create yours and what are the advantages of not playing completely alone.

guild in Free Fire is a group of players who organize themselves to play together in tournaments. It is a kind of clan, with its own name, slogan and rules for entry defined by the creator. Each group starts with a maximum of 20 participants, which expands as the guild gains levels, up to a maximum of 50 members.

The guild in Free Fire is composed of the leader, who is the creator of the group, and three more members who are assigned the position of deputy leader. These members can approve entry requests, kick out, change the slogan and reset the number of participants.

All members of a guild earn honor points at the end of each match, needed to level up the group and expand the number of players. At the same time, the guild will earn 1 honor point for every 30 diamonds a member buys.

Guild tournaments

Guild tournaments are held every Thursday from 00:01 to 23:59. In them, players must conquer any type of match, except the custom ones, to earn dog tags.

If you join a Duo (doubles) or Squad (4-player teams) match with members of your guild, the number of dog tags won will be higher. Dog tags are used to redeem personal or collective prizes, such as custom room creation cards.

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How to create a guild

If you want to create your own guild, you will have to spend some resources. The creation tool is open to all players. See how to do it.

  1. On the Free Fire main screen, tap the guild icon on the right side (a banner icon);
  2. Tap on “Create Guild”;
  3. Enter the guild name in “Name” and the slogan in “Slogan”;
  4. Under “Approval Method”, choose from:
    • “Auto Approve” (new members can join the guild directly);
    • “Approve” (the guild leader or vice leader needs to approve each request);
  5. Tap “Confirm”.

And ready.

Normally, guilds are closed (“Approve” method) to stipulate additional rules, such as minimum age, minimum ranking, and test requests to assess player skills, with these steps being checked on an order-by-order basis. Upon meeting these additional requirements, the player will be admitted to the guild.

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